Weekly Happenings

Week of May 28... 


All-School Announcements:



* 5/30                  5th State Fair

* 5/31                  Field Trip to the Park/K-Graduation

* 6/2                    FPP will be honored at the 9:00 am service

                            Ice Cream Social  2:00 pm  

* 6/3                   5th Grade Softball Game

* 6/4                   Buddy Picnic

* 6/5                    5th Graduation 9:30 am (We will be singing.  Watch for details for proper attire.)

* 6/6                   LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!




Player of the Week: Michael Price

Character Trait of the Month: Self-Control

Artist of the Month: Wayne Theibauld

Author/Illustrator of the Month: 



Lang. Arts

          Kindergarten: For the rest of the year, we will be reviewing all of the skills that we have learned this year.  We will be working through our journals, reading comprehension, and phonics.  This will be the last sight word challenge and spelling test.


         First Grade: This week we will be reading the story Super Oscar.  We will be learning how to combine sentences as our grammar skill.  Along with our weekly reading, we will be working in our journals.  This weeks spelling words are 2-syllable words.  It will be the last spelling test.





         Kindergarten: We will be reviewing some skills through ocean math.


         First Grade: We will finish up with multiplication and then cover division or repeated subtraction.



     Our caterpillars have hatched into beautiful monarch butterflies.  We will watch them in class for a few days and then release them out into the world!     



Social Studies:

          Kindergarten: Community Helpers are all around us.  We will be learning at different jobs that we could have in the future.


          First Grade: We will be learning about cultures and traditions that have been past on to us.  We will also talk about what the immigrants brought to the new world.