Weekly Happenings

Week of December 17... NO HOMEWORK THIS WEEK!


All-School Announcements:


     * 12/19 Red, white, green day / minimum day

          * 12/20 Winter Break begins




Player of the Week: Ben

Character Trait of the Month: Patience

Artist of the Month: Morris Louis

Author/Illustrator of the Month: 



Lang. Arts

          Kindergarten: We will be looking at the stories of the Gingerbread Man and Polar Express.  We will also do some follow-up activities to those stories.

         First Grade: We will finish up our practice book pages on Rose Robot Cleans Up.  We will also be rewriting our snowman/girl adventure stories that we wrote with our buddies.



         Kindergarten: We will finish up our unit on measurement with some Christmas measuring.

         First Grade: We will finish up with Chapter 6.  We will review and test when we return from the break.




          First Grade:   


Social Studies:


          First Grade